Hair Bonding in Gurgaon

Hair Bonding in Gurgaon sector 14

Hair Bonding in Gurgaon sector 14Hair bonding is a category of weaving which is attaching on a scalp for a reduced amount of time phase than tree braiding. It engages with the aid of silicon bonding agent towards a fragment of weft hair followed by patient usual hair. In it, unique skin-friendly silicon bonding agent is exploiting to avoid harm to patient existing hair.”

Hair Silicon Bonding: – nowadays there are so many people whom they concerned for their hairs. Planet of Hair Cloning is the best clinic for all kind of hair problems and they have the facilities and top-notch quality of hairs. PHC provides you with the result in a single sitting and gives a nice look to you. PHC is the Best Clinic for Hair Bonding in sector-14 Huda Market Gurgaon, Gurugram-122001, Haryana, India.  Hair Bonding is completely cost effective and safe for your head. PHC is having a team of experienced people and having luxury room’s facility in their clinic. We also provide like-Hair Weaving, hair replacement, Hair Extensions, and Hair Wigs for men or women, Hair Fixing and Hair Silicon Bonding in NoidaGurgaon etc. PHC can fulfil all requirements in very comprehensive price & rates. Please come & Visit our Clinic.

Advantages of hair Bonding:-

  • Low down Cost (first and foremost).
  • It is handy for every grade of hair loss.
  • It is accessible in male as well as female hair loss sufferers of any age group.
  • Instantly get rid of baldness.
  • Simple step procedure.
  • Thoroughly natural end result.
  • Achieve any trendy look along density.
  • Totally skin-friendly procedure.

Disadvantages or Side-effects of hair Bonding:-

  • Not permanent way out of baldness.
  • The patient cannot get growing hairs.
  • The client has to pay the cost on every monthly service.
  • Follow regular maintenance.
  • The client has to do colour on mostly occasion to accurately merge up both hairs.
  • The user has to purchase new hair system time to time.
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